iPhone 5 : All what you need to know

Sources on the Internet said that Apple is about to launch the new generation of its device, iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 4S, as some are calling it). The iPhone 5 rumors are all about the possible announcement date. While some are suggesting that the release month for the iPhone 5 could actually end up to be in October, before that and specially on 20 April 2011, it emerged that the iPhone 5 release date may be September 2011, On 17 August, the rumour of a September iPhone 5 release date became more serious and credible , and this time at 12 September2011.

And The Geeks Club Says:  iOS 5 will ship in the Autumn – so it seems a safe bet that the iPhone 5 will have made its debut on or before then.

iPhone 5 Design Leak :

The new leak designs seem to show that the iPhone 5 will carry lots of changes including a larger screen with 4-inches, curved back, and larger home button. MacRumors created some images based on the leaked specifications, and this is the results :

What we expect from the iPhone 5 ! :

iPhone 5  much faster:

It is expected that the device works on the central processing unit  A5  that is based on ARM’s Cortex A9 Architecture. And this multi-core processor will increase the speed of the device significantly, it is also likely that Apple will provide the device by the dual-core graphics processor SGX543. This means the possibility of filming a video quality of 1080P with 8 MP HD camera from Sony. In addition to all that iPhone 5 will support a new feature,” Media Stream“, which represents Apple’s first step toward social networking.

iPhone 5 The  Wallet “NFC”:

On the other hand iPhone 5 will support the NFC  technology  (near field communication),as the new commercial director of Apple  ”Benjamin Vigier” has considerable experience in the NFC technology he also  promised that the iPhone 5 will turn your phone into a wallet that contains many tools, As well as a kind of communication between the iPhone 5 and Macs through the new operating system, Mac OS X Lion.

iPhone 5  and  iCloud service :

iPhone 5 will be connected with the new iCloud service from Apple , the service that will bring new features and options to the system usability such as  OS updates can be delivered over the air and devices can be activated without plugging them into iTunes. Users, thanks to iCloud Service, are able to edit their iOS calendars or mailboxes , now they are able to do many actions away from  PC or Mac. and about the OS updates Scott Forstall from  Apple said :


Software updates are now over the air. So you no longer need to plug in to update your software. And they’re now Delta updates. Instead of downloading the whole OS, you only download what’s changed

iPhone 5′s Voice Recognition :

Apple learned a lot from Android and it improved voice recognition that has been widely speculated on for the iPhone 5. Apple wanted badly to make the voice recognition a powerful option to the new generation of iPhone so it made strides to partner with third party voice recognition outlets such as Nuance and Siri, and we expect that Siri may end up to be the primary software for empowering the iPhone 5 to be more voice controlled.

iPhone Nano:

On 13 February there was rumors suggests that it may be a prototype  of a smaller, cheaper iPhone, built specially to ward off competition from cheap Android handsets and it would cost  of $200 out of contract. but all of these still a rumors that may hold little truth.

Patents that may make the difference:

There is a patent that describes how visual indicators and touch-sensitive buttons could be incorporated to the space around the iPhone 5 screen. There is also A rumour suggests that the new iPhone will be without the glass back and opt instead for a metal back which will act as an antenna. Also Apple is able add a pico projector onto the iPhone 5  that purports to be designed for a mobile device such as the iPhone. This new rumor was corroborated by what Apple did by bought the domain usage rights to applepico.com.

IPhone 5 will be :

  • - Phone
  • - Compass
  • - Map
  • - Includes email, text, and social networks
  • - Internet Navigator
  • - A device for games
  • - wallet
  • - Capable of running all types of applications
  • - Slim Mac
  • - Video camera
  • - Pocket calculator
  • - Pedometer (sensor)
  • - Keys of the car

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