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10 best apps for iphone 4 2011

10 best apps for iphone 4 2011

1. Netflix:

Netflix now on your iPhone! Now you can watch all your favorite TV shows, favorite movies or series on the go. I could not be more enthusiastic Netflix move constantly.

2. ShopSavvy:

ShopSavvy allows you to scan items with the camera part of your phone. It identifies the bar code, and provides comparative information on prices over the Internet, as well as local vendors. If you bargain shopper or a comparable price then this is the application must be for you iPhone.

3. Blackstar:

Space-time maker of myths Pocket Studios has a new game called “Blackstar“. The eyes of science fiction for the iPhone.It supports real-time chat as well as interaction with other players.

4. Pandora:

Pandora uses it to play music genome project “similar” to the station addresses that you have created. Sometimes it gets a little “questionable” but all in all that hits home. This application is great for your car or even when you’re in the gym

5. Torch:

A application is necessary for any operating system in the smart phone is one flashlight. With the flame you can find your way in dark rooms, and find the keys, or help you in your car. He did not frills application flashlight and realistic “by clicking on the” looks like real. The torch will stay on, unlike other applications as well as the flashlight.

6. Free Wi-Fi Finder:

On the go? The need for Wi-Fi spot? This application, more than 500,000 Wi-Fi spots free for you to communicate and deal with your business.

7. Shazam:

Shazam is a god sent for those moments when you hear a song and just can not remember who made it. This application prevent expansion allows you to be “listening” to music and the use of its recognition to identify the songs.

8. Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation is easy speech dictation application that allows you to speak normally in your iPhone. With this application you can easily dictate text messages while driving, or update your social profiles on the go.

9. Angry Birds:

Angry birds … Need I say any more? Has taken the angry bird in the world by storm, mobile games at an astonishing rate. Now, days later, you can not even go to the barber shop without seeing what one plays the angry birds on their phone. It’s Pacman from the iPhone.

10. Kindle:

Set application allows you to access more than 600,000 books directly from Amazon you iPhone. With a screen of 3.5 “it’s easy on the eyes as well. This is a must have application for anyone who loves to read on any level.

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